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Tu Linh - Singapore Class 2016-2017


It can be said that Tulip is a role model of kid that can be rarely seen in kindergarten-aged children, especially when the she was only 3 years old but seems to have the thoughts as mature as adults. 


Let me tell you more about her. Tulip has high concentration ability, which is hard to find among preschoolers when there are too many things in this colorful life can distract them. This results in her understanding and memory. Her politeness also strikes my fancy as saying “hello” or “thanks” is her daily habit. This virtue, I think, should be learned from her by adults.


Tulip’s self-dependence can be easily seen by the capability of dressing herself, folding and putting clothes neatly into her backpack or eating her entire meal without any helps from teachers. I remember, in her first school days, she was afraid of going to school, but patiently we helped her to get familiar with the new environment so she can be well accustomed to the school as she does now. There is a funny memory that I cannot forget. That's when I asked her who she liked to play with, Tulip hesitated for a moment and then said: "I like playing with Little Ben". Ben heard her saying then shyly scratched his heads then staggered around. You know? Every day spending with you guys is a real fun day.

Tulip is multi-talented and I hope she would grow into good citizen. But all I hope for now is simply her happiness.



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