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Have you considered what your child will be doing this summer?  Certainly many children will be watching television, but you can choose for fun and educational experiences for your child at the “SUMMER CAMP - SUMMER FUN 2017!” in International Citizen Kindergarten (ICK).  Our summer camp is theme based so every two weeks we introduce new stories, concepts and ideas.  All activities like art work and fieldtrips are designed to stimulate the natural way of child learning through play and discovery.  Surely your child will love to do all the artwork and participate in the many fieldtrips.  Your child will be excited to get up in the morning and tell you all about their day in the evening. 


Participants: For children from 6 months to 6 years old

Time: 12 weeks (from June 5th until August 25th, 2017)


Throughout the 12 weeks everyone will participate in our discovery and adventure program with the following six topics: 

  • Week 1 & 2 – Colorful week: Observing life around us, looking at all the vibrant colors, always stimulating curiosity and discovery of children. Through fun science experiments and dynamic English classes we will help children learn about colors and how it influences their lives.  This will help them observe and interact with their surrounding more consciously, appreciating the wonderful world we live in and the positive impact of colors on their lives.
  • Week 3 & 4 – Fashion week: A fantastic week will begin with the ICK Fashion Festival consisting of a design course, catwalk classes and stunning music. We promise to create an environment for children to develop their creativity, challenging their abilities and efforts, and develop their problem solving skills.
  • Week 5 & 6 – Four seasons: The children will learn about geography and biology in a natural way through a series of activities, teamwork and a speech and drama class.  Everything will be centered around the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and will result in a performance, building your child’s confidence standing in front of a crowd.
  • Week 7 & 8 – Wonderful natural: Developing the love for nature and raising awareness around environmental protection is our goal for this two-week topic. ICK will guide the children in art works learning and wild nature exploration through role-play lessons, fieldtrips and exploring new models of green farm sight-seeing.
  • Week 9 & 10 – Wonderland: What is the world in our children’s eyes like? Let kids themselves created their own world by diverse art projects including design costumes activites, Halloween party, food recipes; hence create their confidence and dynamism, dare to think, dare to do. 
  • Week 11 & 12 – My beloved family: A fun summer cannot be fulfilled without family and friends by your side. This week helps children to understand, respect and build up pride of their family by activities such as My family contest, drama activities, Fun Family Tree project, hence meaningfully close the Summer Camp.


The monthly projects will have the participation and guidance of foreign teachers.

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