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  International Citizen Human Resources and Education Development Management Consulting Company Limited

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Parent's Testimonial
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    Our daughter started going to ICK when she was only 11 months old.  During the past 2 years, we have greatly appreciated the partnership with ICK and support in her development . Our daughter actually regards ICK as her second home where she can learn and play in an active environment. ICK has created such an environment where children feel happy, confident, can learn and make friends. We hope that the school will build upon these achievements and continue to be a trusted partner for parents and their kids.


    Do Thi Ngoc Ha (Doctor)
    Parents of Kimi - Tokyo Class (2014 - 2015)

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    When Khanh Dan turned 18 months old, I wanted her to start going to kindergarten. Although we visited 3 private kindergartens in Phu My Hung, she really wasn’t interested and it really worried me.  A friend of mind introduced me to ICK as his kid already went to ICK.  I visited the school and I decided to let Khanh Dan go to this school.  Right from the first day she got along with the teacher and immediately made friends. During her two and a half years at ICK she was always excited and happy. She has been compliment for her confidence, agility and energy. She is also very aware about her environment. Even when she is ill, she always says how much she misses her teacher and friends. I’m very happy my daughter is able to go to ICK and I wish ICK will teach more Vietnamese children to become citizens of the future world.


    Nguyen Thuy Khanh (Creative Manager of Reach IMC Company)
    Parents of Khanh Đan - New York Class (2014 - 2015)

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    I’m impressed by ICK’s slogan: “Confident being global citizen”. That is what I want my daughter to become, because right now  I feel she is quite shy. I like ICK because it is not too big and it has a clean, playground, classrooms and sanitary facilities. I comfortable with the school meals, because the weekly menu is very diverse and it is always sent to parents for reference. I’m pleased with ICK's communication between parents and the school through Daily Diary, Open letter, Notification letter, etc … They even tell us about changing the security guard or redecorating the classrooms. I especially like the Extra Curricular Activities throughout the year, going to the park, baking, shopping, making pottery, etc …


    Luu Thi Hoang Lien
    Parents of Nguyen Hoang Khanh Nhi – Tokyo Class & Nguyen Thanh Phong – Singapore Class (2014 - 2015)


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