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Parent's Testimonial
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    My decision for Minh Hoa to go to school made when she was only 15 months. My wife and I have many concerns. My daughter was too little, could not speak clearly and move firmly. Because of my work, I had to send her to kindergarten. After several irresolutions, ICK got my choice because we were fond of its Singapore's curriculum and the enthusiastic teachers here. After only 5 months of school time, we feel our decision is absolutely right. My daughter gets on very well with her classmates. She has a good perspective of the world around, asks questions nonstop about new things. We are glad our girl grows up healthily, happily, curiously every day. Thank the teachers and thank ICK a lot!


    Nguyen Hiep
    Parents of Minh Hoa - Ha Noi Class (2016 - 2017)

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    Today is my daughter’s last day at ICK. How time flies! It’s been 6 months since her first step into kindergarten. I still remember she was such a crybaby at that time. Only after a short period, she started to like school a lot. Every early morning, she urged me to take her school because she was so eager to meet her friends and teachers. Hence all her skills have been better effortlessly. She has always been happy and keeps telling me about her friends, teachers, about everything at school. Thank ICK’s teachers for always loving and taking care of my little daughter, thank ICK a lot!


    Nguyen Thi Lien
    Parents of Gauthier Ly Anna - Singapore Class (2015 - 2016)

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    Surely all parents with children entering kindergarten will have difficulty to find a suitable school. For us, nothing is more important than giving our little girl an environment where love, care and intellectual development come first. Fortunately we've found ICK. Our daughter has been going to ICK for 3 years now and she is really happy, has lots of fun and enjoys a natural development day by day. Just look at how she talks about her Vietnamese & Foreign teachers. her classmates and lots of interesting field trips, we know we absolutely made the right decision with ICK..


    Nguyen Thanh Tong (COO of
    Parents of Nguyen Quynh Lam - New York Class (2014 - 2015)


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