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Parent's Testimonial
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    My son was hyperactive comparing to the other kids. He moved and ran from time to time. He could not speak even though he was 2. His concentration ability was ill and he was also a picky eater as well, only eat rice in specific. I was so anxious and wanted to find a school for him immediately. Luckily, I took him to ICK in time. At first, because of his overactiveness, the teachers had to chase after him, fed him, confort him to go sleep, make sure he would not climb or run away. Wathching the camera every minute, I can feel how caring and patient they are. Every day passed by was a step in his progress. Until now, he has been an ICK student for one year and a half. He loves to learn, talk a lot, even knows the entire English alphabet and likes to count number by his hands. After school, he tells me about school activites, about his friends, about the fieldtrips that he loves so much. I understand his truly interest by the cheerfully way he talk about school. Witnessing him until today, I can prouly say that my son has had a great progress. I am totally satisfied and deeply impressed by all the deicated teachers here. Thank ICK and teacher for loving and caring Phu!


    Pham Thi Phuc
    Parents of Tran Tang Thanh Phu - Tokyo class (2016 - 2017)

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    I backed to work when Pooh was only 6 months, so I had to consider between hiring a nanny and taking him to school. From my own perspective, kindergarten is a good environment where our kids are taught to be more confident but I still wonder. Not until ICK consulted that each kid of 6 – 12 months old class would be taken care of by one teacher did I decide. I am proud that I made such a right decision, my Pooh becomes more active, eat so well and play cheerfully on his own. I am over the moon to see his progress from the days Pooh was not able to sit alone to today he can run all over the corners in school. Moover, ICK has so many meaningful activitives which Pooh can take part in despite of his young age. In the last Year End Ceremony, I saw the kids cried, sang, some smiled, some others laughed from time to time, everything was like a chor but the teachers still patiently conforted them all. I am never regret choosing ICK and have no other words to say but my special thanks to ICK teachers, thank you so much.


    Tran Phuong Anh
    Parents of Nguyen Tran Hoang Bao - Sai Gon Class (2016 - 2017)

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    2-year-old Phuc Nguyen started going to school in a public kindergarten. On the first days, he was so eager to go to school but the days after he seemd to be afraid of something. When I found he got bitten by friends without his teacher’s timely interferance and about 5-6 bites on his arms, I decided to change school right away. Phuc Nguyen since that time became shy and cautious to everyone. He did not want to enter any kindergarten. I was by chance introduced a trial class at ICK by a friend, so I decided to try again. On the first day, he agreed to play with classmates because of everyone’s welcoming. On the second day, he bursted out crying so hard when I left but thanks to teacher’s comfort, he soon stopped crying. The trial class ended was also when he agree to take school, I was so contented. It’s been 2 years since that day. Phuc Nguyen is now a very confident boy who can perform in front of the crowd. He especially loves the fieldtrips of ICK that he talks nonstop aubout the trip everytime back from school. My family feels so lucky to find such a good environment for Phuc Nguyen.


    Nguyen Thanh Cong
    Parents of Nguyen Phuc Nguyen - Paris Class (2016 - 2017)


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