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  International Citizen Human Resources and Education Development Management Consulting Company Limited

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from Monday to Saturday

Our partnership with parents

As children tend to spend most of their time at home and at school we believe the bond between home and school is very important.  In fact we believe that parents are very effective teachers to their children.  ICK therefore encourages them to be actively involved in the children’s educational experiences.

At ICK we work hand-in-hand with one another and strongly encourage open communication. Many avenues for information dissemination, feedback and open dialogue about your child’s education are available:

  • Camera in each classroom
  • A communication book - Daily
  • Parent-Teacher meetings - December & May
  • The Bulletin Board in the courtyard - Throughout the Year
  • Parenting Workshops - Throughout the Year
  • Parent Surveys
  • Facebook updates

We like to give peace of mind to the parents by giving the ability to watch their children as and when they like though our cameras.

Every child will receive a communication book for the parents and teachers to communicate with each other. It can be used to relay messages, ask questions, give feedback and make suggestions. This book is brought to and from school on a daily basis, so both parents and teachers need to check it regularly. Parents are encouraged to share in their child’s learning experiences and reinforce what their child has learnt.

Activities for the whole family are held throughout the year such as Mid Autumn Festival, Year End Concert, Halloween, etc. 
We update our facebook page regularly with event pictures and parenting tips.  

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