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Our belief and principles

Our Belief:

At the center of our curriculum is the child and the belief that children are Curious, Active and Competent

  • Children are naturally curious and keen to make sense of the world around them.  They wonder, question, explore, and seek to make sense and meaning of their world. 
  • Children learn by doing.  Learning is more effective when children are actively involved.  Children are more likely to understand and remember skills and concepts learned through participation, exploration and experimentation involving real-life objects and experiences.
  • Children are competent learners, constantly thinking, reflecting and updating their understanding of how the world works.

Our Principles:

Based on this belief we use six principles which guide teaching and learning at ICK. 

  • An integrated approach to learning enables teachers to help children to draw meaningful  connections across the different learning areas and understand how knowledge and skills are linked.  Children do not compartmentalize what they learn.
  • Teachers are facilitators of learning by providing experiences and activities to the children which are just beyond what they already know but within what they can do on their own but within what they can do with the necessary assistance.
  • Learning through purposeful play as it is the most natural way to motivate children to learn about themselves and the world around them.  It makes learning enjoyable and develops children's imagination and creativity.
  • Learning through quality interactions with objects, the physical environment and people, in contexts that are real, relevant and meaningful to them.  This helps to optimize the learning and to develop their cognitive and  social-emotional skills
  • Children as constructors of  knowledge build on their prior experiences and gain new understanding of themselves and the world. 
  • Holistic development of children recognizes that the areas of development are inter-connected.  Development in one area influences and is influenced by the development in other areas.


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