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With the motto “The children today are the world tomorrow” and with the aim of guiding the children to integrate into the world cultural exchange activities, the International Citizen Kindergarten organizes  “THE INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FESTIVAL 2020”.

  • Time:     9:00 - 11:00 am, Saturday (14/11/2020)
  • Venue:   International Citizen Kindergarten - 195 Co Bac St., Co Giang Ward, Dist.1, HCMC​




Educational objectives:

  • To create an opportunity for the children to learn about various cultures and different nations in the world through: national flags, costumes, images, materials, souvenirs and traditional foods, etc., 
  • To help the children to build their confidence through literature – sport – fine arts activities 
  • To educate the children regarding appropriate behavior, being polite and considerate, kind-hearted and generous.

During the festival, the school will also call for charity donations like: books, dolls, cuddly pets, etc., to give the poor children living in disadvantaged areas. All the booths participating in the festival will share the profits from selling souvenirs and foods/drinks to help the disabled, orphans, children living on the streets. 

With the above objectives in mind, the school would like to invite parents and children to join us at this special event. Your participation surely will make our festival a success. It is a good opportunity for your family to show compassion, support a charity and jointly participate in a social activity. 


In addition to all our students and their families ICK invites an additional  20 children and their parents 
(one child can come up with 1-2 parents)
As the number of participants is limited, parents please register here early.


or Register by phone: 036 3360 195 or via email:



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