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Hoang Tan - Singapore Class 2016-2017


Tiger is rather a cold fish of Singapore class. However, his actions turn out to be very cute. Tiger likes to act cool as I remember once time when he wore sunglasses, one hand was in his pocket while the other hand was holding baby milk bottle, which made him look like a true gang. They also call him as “Super naughty boy” because he never stays in one position and always moves. There are sometimes he even pokes his friend.  Therefore, to take care of Tiger is quite tougher than his other friend. Instead I have had a lot of fun with Tiger, thank you dear.


On the first school days, he wasn’t well accustomed to the daily routine here that I had to teach him many things including eating and other activities. At that time, he was a picky eater who only ate fried food and unsociable as well. Now he is not like that anymore. He can wear shoes and dress himself quickly without any help. He eats variable ranges of food and at this point I think he deserves a score of 10. My dear Tiger is absolutely a discipline follower and also a big boy who never cries.


At school, Tiger is fond of playing with Su Beo. Every day we hear he calls Su Beo name all the time. I hope you guys always get on well with each other like that.


Today his parents come to hold a birthday party. Tiger is so contented that I see stars in his eyes. Well, now you’re 3, I wish you will be more and more healthy, well-behaved and smart. We all love you.



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