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Hoang Bao - Sai Gon Class 2016-2017


When Pooh started go to kindergarten, he was the only baby boy in Saigon Class, so everyone call him “hot boy”. It must have been for that reason that he is rather a cold fish and always act cools. Although he was only 6 months old in his first school days, seldom did he cry or annoy. He likes all teachers in school, so everyone loves him a lot.


Pooh has a cute action of looking around, every time like that he tilts his head to one side, which is so cute. Remember his first days at school, he could not sit firmly and express feelings. Now he can run all over the place in ICK, even play football.


Although Pooh is in Saigon Class, he and his friends usually “travel” to other class, especially Tokyo and Hanoi Class. Therefore, all the older kids know and like him much. There was an occasion when Pooh performed in ICK Fashion show because he was the only kid in Saigon Class can walk without teacher help. The Paris and New York Class kids were blown away by his performance as they cheered: “Pooh is so cute! Pooh is so cute!” Pooh was immediately affected by the crowd and walk excitedly to them.

Today Pooh turns 1 year old. We – ICK teachers have nothing to say but wish you always be a good and smart boy, follow parents’ words, always be happy and soon become a good international citizen in the future.



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