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Helping to choose a kindergarten

What should I look for when choosing a quality kindergarten?

Once your child is ready for kindergarten you need to find a good preschool program that suits you and your child’s needs. We understand that you want to be certain you have made the best choice for your child. In order to give you a general guide here are a few things to look out for when visiting any kindergarten:

  • Program and Curriculum:  A good program is organized and balanced.  It should be developmentally appropriate and allow opportunities for your child’s play and learning
  • Kindergarten – Parent partnership: The bridges built between the staff and yourself forms a partnership that should enhance your child’s development and well-being. Find out how the centre collaborates with the parents (e.g. communication book, parent meetings, etc)
  • Observe the children:
  • Are they happy and engrossed in their play?
  • Do they turn to the staff for comfort, help and information?  Active planning and guidance from the staff will help children in developing social relationships.
  • Do they explore with materials and equipment? Children express their personal feelings through play and it also develops their desire to learn and experiment.
  • Observe the staff:
  • Does the staff relate with children in a sensitive way? Children need to be treated with respect to gain self-confidence.
  • Does the staff respond to what a child has to say? Children need to feel important within the group and they learn from interacting with adults.
  • What kind of comments does the staff make about a child’s work? The staff should show appreciation for each child’s efforts and encourage them to create and express their feelings.
  • The overall atmosphere at the kindergarten should be relaxed and conducive to free activity and healthy development.


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