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Extra curricular activities

All extra curricular activities are organized by International Citizen Enrichment Campus.  ICEC’s mission is to provide after school learning opportunities for children to make a head start in life.  

ICEC offers courses specifically designed to cover one or more of the following six learning areas: Language and Literary, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Development, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, and Discovery of the World.

Sometimes parents might find it useful for their child to further develop one specific learning area.  For example English or Speech and Drama, in which case ICEC offers targeted courses with specialized teachers.

On the other hand, the integrated approach of ICEC’s courses might be a great opportunity for children to catch up on learning areas which are thought in a different way.  For example, children might find learning numbers through music and art much more interesting.  ICEC’s KinderMusic class or the Speech and Drama class might be a really good conduit for getting familiar with basic math concepts in a fun way.

ICEC recognizes each child has a unique way of learning and so its offering tailors to each child’s individual needs.

Please find out about the course details below.  Our administrator will be happy to advise your about availability.

KIDSMoov - Nhà vô địch nhí

KIDSMoov - Nhà vô địch nhí

15:11 | 11/10/2018
Các chương trình thể dục thể thao đến từ KIDSmoov được thiết kế cho tất cả các bé ở độ tuổi từ 3 tuổi đến 12 tuổi, là một trong những chương trình giúp các bé phát triển toàn diện qua các bài tập vận động toàn thân, KIDSmoov ...
English for Kids - Communicate with Everyone in the World

English for Kids - Communicate with Everyone in the World

10:12 | 28/07/2014
Learning a language can be quite a challenge, but if started at an early age and in an appropriate learn and play environment it becomes very easy.  The English for Kids classes are structured in the most natural way a child learns: through play. 
Just Dance - Creative Expression

Just Dance - Creative Expression

10:11 | 25/10/2014
Every child likes to hear songs, and in most cases they naturally start moving along with the rhythm.  Dancing is an excellent way for a child to develop and express their creativity.
Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development

17:12 | 17/11/2014
Nowadays, social and emotional skills are becoming more and more important for children. It helps them to respond to situations, to manage their emotions, to learn to communicate, to solve conflicts in relationships, and to express themselves in a positive way. 
Mindmap for Kids - Creativity and Brain Development

Mindmap for Kids - Creativity and Brain Development

17:14 | 17/11/2014
Mindmapping is an easy way to get information into and out of a child’s brain.  It is a fun way for children to express new ideas and become more creative.  


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