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Watching our camera

Our facility is equipped with a camera system allowing parents to observe their children at any time and at their convenience.  Our Partnership with parents is very important to us and so having the camera is part of our open door policy encouraging a close communication between the school and the parents.

The following steps will give you access.  A username and password will be provided to you by our administrator.  Please note we do change the passwords periodically to ensure the children’s security.

Note: Only for smartphone & tablet/Ipad

Install software from App Store/CH Play: vMeyeSuper


Open software & login follow:

Step1: Choose​ Device List Step2: Click "+" to add new camera
cameraA_2 cameraA_3_1


Step3Fill in information and click OK
DeviceName Classroom
IP/Domain Contact ICK
TCP Port Contact ICK
User Name Contact ICK
Password Contact ICK
Max Channel Click 1


Thank you!



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