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  International Citizen Human Resources and Education Development Management Consulting Company Limited

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Active learning experiences


The Dynamic English

Children at ICK are communicating daily with native speakers (UK, USA) to hear and speak standard English. They learn English every day through songs, games, story telling etc. The children learn the language in a natural and effective way, giving them confidence and preparing them to integrate in an international education system. 



Music & Movement

ICK has a dedicated Music Classroom where children are provided with ample opportunity to listen to music, sing songs, play instruments, experience rhythm through movement and creatively express themselves.  Music and movement are an integral part of our curriculum as it reinforces language, musical, artistic, physical and social development.  Various types of music and dance from around the word are introduced to explore cultural similarities and differences.


Art & Craft

Our dedicated Art & Craft teacher organises activities individually or in group where children are encouraged to express themselves as well as extend visual and sensory capacities.  Art & craft activities enhance emotional development, imagination and fine motor skills, allowing children to experiment with various art media and material of different textures, colours, patterns and natural properties. 


Cooking Experiences

At school as well as during school trips our children are exposed to a multi-sensory approach whereby food is creatively weaved into English, Science, Math and Art & Craft activities. In the course of creating a dish, children learn various things including reading recipes, following instructions, stirring or beating, and they develop small muscle and eye-hand coordination. Whilst mixing, kneading and adding ingredients, they discover concepts of colour, shape, measurement and chemistry. By savouring different foods, they learn about the sense of taste.


Physical Education & Outdoor Activities

Every morning the children do a 30 minutes gym outdoors and throughout the day children have ample opportunity for organised as well as free play in our outdoor play area.  Adequate and age-appropriate physical activity forms an integral part of our programme for children to develop both their gross and fine motor skills.


Early Foundational Mathematics

Our children are introduced to and acquire mathematical concepts through fun and play. Sometimes the teachers share exciting stories which explain some of those concepts before introducing directed hands-on activities to reinforce understanding. The children are then provided with opportunities to apply what they have learnt so that concepts become relevant and meaningful. 


Early Science & Discovery

Children’s curiosity and excitement for discovering and exploring the world comes naturally.  It is our teacher’s role to continuously expose them to new concrete experiences, experiments, investigations and deductions, problem solving activities and games.  In doing so learning will become automatic and above all fun.


Pretend Play & Dramatisation

We extend children’s learning, social interaction and ability to imagine by encouraging them to engage in pretend play and dramatisation activities that go beyond playing house. In dramatic play, children assume imaginary roles, re-enacting real-life experiences with the creative use of interesting props, materials and other make-believe items.


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