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  International Citizen Human Resources and Education Development Management Consulting Company Limited

Working time:
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
from Monday to Saturday


The International Citizen Kindergarten was established in 2009 and has since become a trusted brand, known for providing quality education.  

Our Philosophy

We have a commitment to provide quality childcare services in a safe, secure, hygienic and positive environment.

We believe that children need to be treated as individuals and need to feel loved and respected, with opportunities for learning through play and interacting with others.

We foster an attitude of mutual respect, open relationship and support between children, staff, parents and management.

We encourage all staff to work effectively as a team, continually updating their skills, knowledge and interest through formal and informal training.

Our Curriculum

The Singapore Early Childhood Education Framework is the basis for our curriculum, whilst meeting all requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.  The implementation of our curriculum is theme based and is mainly focused on learning through play.  ICK applies international methodologies and best practices for the development of children’s education and skills.

Our curriculum is now recognised by educators and parents as a holistic and comprehensive curriculum suitable for children looking to continue their education in an international primary school, as well as for those entering a local primary school.

We nourish and help our children to become confident, pro-active and curious international citizens.

Our Quality Guarantee

We ensure the quality of our service by periodically doing self-assessments using a Quality Rating Scale, aspiring to meet all requirements set out in the Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework (SPARK).


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