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Working time:
7:30 am - 5:00 pm
from Monday to Saturday

Our team

The core of any great school is its human resources.  The management team, teachers and supporting staff at the International Citizen Kindergarten are experienced and highly qualified professionals:

  • The management team are foreign professionals who have managed and invested in various schools in Europe and across South East Asia.
  • The principal is an expert in early childhood education and ensurs the team works collaboratively and communicates openly, facilitating learning and development needs of each child and stimulating them to continuously improve themselves.
  • At ICK we identify and hire teachers of exceptional quality for our children.  Teachers whom we know truly care and are sensitive to your needs and the needs of your children, nothing less.  Passionate and committed, they go the extra mile and will always put their best foot forward.  All teachers have bachelor degrees in early childhood education.  Many have had additional training of famous education methodologies and programs such as Montessori, FasTracKids, Steiner and Mapple Bear.
  • Our cooks have degrees in “nutrition and cooking for children” and have many years' experience in (inter)national kindergartens.
  • ICK has contracted a reputable security company to ensure the safety of each and every child.


  • Ms-Huyen-Tram-2019

    Mrs. Nguyen Thi Huyen Tram

    •     Graduated from  Sai Gon University, Expertise in Early Childhood Education
    •     Has  more than 12 years of experience in public & international kindergartens
    •     Be trained and practice programs of Department of Education and Training
    •     "Excellent Teacher" award of District.
    •     Completed Nursery Management Course by Central pedagogical colleges
    •     Completed STEAM traineeship project in HungKuang, Taiwan

  • Ms-Hong-Phuong-2019

    Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong
    Operations Manager

    •    Graduated from University of Economic Ho Chi Minh City - Bachelor of Business Administration & Marketing
    •    More than 5 years of management experience in educational organizations and international kindergarten
    •    Fluent in Vietnamese & English

  • Ms-Mong-Thuan-2019

    Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mong Thuan 
    Vice Principal

    •     Graduated from Ho Chi Minh city University of Pedagogy - specializing in Early Childhood Education
    •     Has  more than 21 years of experience in public kindergartens
    •     Be trained and practice programs of Department of Education and Training
    •     Completed Nursery Management Course by Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

  • Mrs._Grace_Harrison

    Ms. Grace Harrison 
    English Teacher

    •     English teacher with lots of experience teaching children aged 2-14. 
    •     Previously a teaching assistant in a school in Nottingham, England, focusing on English, sport and maths. Past experience in HCMC includes working in an independent school, teaching classes ranging from beginners to advanced

  • Ms-Justyna-2019

    Ms. Justyna Rouchard Zieminska 
    English Teacher

    •     Master degree in Diplomacy & International Relations
    •     Postgraduate diploma in Teaching qualifications
    •     TEFL Certificate; DITALS certificate (Teaching compatence in Italian)
    •     3 years of teaching experience in language center & school (Florence, Italy)
    •     1 year of teaching experience in language school off Aleksandra Lewinska (Reda, Poland)

  • Ms-Maui-2019

    Ms. Maureen Ciriaco Cahiyang
    English Teacher

    •    University graduate - Bachelor of Arts - major in English
    •    TESOL Certification
    •    9 years of teaching experiences in Philippine kindergartens
    •    5 years of teaching experiences in privite & international kindergartens in Viet Nam


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